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Smart Irrigation Systems for Landscape



As a member of the Irrigation Association of British Columbia (IIABC), we are very excited about being able to play a positive role in conservation of water resources in our community. Our professionals are proudly qualified under several disciplines with the IIABC:

      Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) – Turf Residential

      Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) – Turf Commercial

      Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) - Landscape Drip

      Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) - Agriculture Trickle 

      Certified Irrigation Scheduler (CIS)

      Certified Irrigation Contractor Gold Seal (CIC-GS) – Turf Resident

      Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT-1, CIT-2)

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 Irrigation Design


      In Vancouver we are surrounded by natural waterways, creeks, lakes, rivers, and thankfully often experience mild, wet winters. It is easy to forget that the best quality treated drinking water is a precious resource that can become limited during dry, hot summers. According to Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) reports, the average daily water consumption in Greater Vancouver is almost one billion liter during the low-seasons, but it grows by 50% in high-seasons, which is a direct consequence of landscapes irrigation in summers. 

        In ITMBC, we believe that by implementing a SMART & Technical irrigation system, we achieve following results:

·         Enjoying a beautiful green landscape hassle free of a manual irrigation and too much waste of water.

·         Coping with irrigation hours restrictions that Municipalities/Cities consider in the summer.

·         Living environment friendly by minimizing the consumption of drinking water per capita, and keeping up     with urban authorities and communities to prepare for future population growth and global warming problems.

·         Saving on water consumption costs and fertilizers and nutrients.

      Our Certified Irrigation Designers are experienced and equipped with the latest CAD software, and prepare your irrigation system design in the best way. We consider following topics in our design package:

·         Weather and climate

·         Water requirement

·         Plant and Soil

·         Irrigation Layout

·         Hydraulic design

·         Material and instruments selection

·         Bill of material and bid documents

·         Operation and maintenance


Irrigation Scheduling


        The main goal of Irrigation Scheduling is water saving by preventing overwatering due to timing and poor uniformity. We may have a very good designed and implemented irrigation system, but waste too much water. For such a situation, all we need to have an ideal system is scheduling and management. Even in a bad shape system, proper scheduling can help to save water.

        Irrigation scheduling is very important, although we may think that we don’t have any water shortage in Vancouver, BC, as we really have. The below mentioned reasons force us to care about our water resources:

·         There are many environmental concerns about over-watering both in quality & quantity aspects.

·         From horticultural perspective, over watering is not healthy for landscape.

·         With over watering, we cause the fertilizers and pesticides run-off or deep percolation.

·         Many municipal water networks and reservoirs were not designed for the summer peak flow and high rate of population growth.

        In ITMBC, our Certified Irrigation Schedulers (CIS) use the best tools, technology and knowledge to prepare the Irrigation Schedule in the most efficient, and cost effective manner as possible to the benefit of the clients. In irrigation scheduling, we normally do all or some of the following tasks:

·         Inspection of system for needed repairs

·         Analyzing the soil and plants

·         Performing a catch can test to evaluate the system uniformity

·         Calculating the uniformity and precipitation/application rate

·         Developing and irrigation schedule

·         Implementing and monitoring the schedule

·         Recommendations to improve the system


Irrigation Contracting/Installation


        The last physical step for having an advanced irrigation system is construction/installation based on the design which is presented by Certified Irrigation Designer (CID), and available standards developed by IIABC.

     ITMBC is a Certified Irrigation Contractor with Gold Seal (CIC – GS) – Turf residential with the IIABC. We have Certified Irrigation Technicians (CIT) in our team, and they install your irrigation system under supervision and liability of the professionals with many years of experience in this field. Our company is covered by enough liability insurance, WorksafeBC and all our activities are under professional safety and quality assurance.