What we do in our SWM & ESC plans(3)? Filters

The filter design around the drain tiles or in any drainage system is a very important task in our designing process. We normally cope with following questions? Organic, synthetic, sand, gravel and what gradation and dimension should we consider? What kind of textile filter and what specification? Non-woven or woven textile? Should we use theContinue reading “What we do in our SWM & ESC plans(3)? Filters”

Sump Pump matters!

Sump Pump design, installation and operation is a problematic issue in the Metro Vancouver, as its failure may cause a disaster! I’ve seen many residential and commercial buildings with flooded basement during my tenure in North Shore; some of them during construction and some after occupation. It doesn’t matter if there is a luxury homeContinue reading “Sump Pump matters!”

What we do in our SWM & ESC plans(2)?

Using Federal, Provincial and Local guidelines, standards and Bylaws, we prepare our SWM and ESC plans as per the best management practice (BMP) to mitigate the negative impact of development projects to our environment, especially our creeks and Ocean. To be honest, this approach needs knowledge, experience and passion. I love the following poster whichContinue reading “What we do in our SWM & ESC plans(2)?”