1. Regardless of our current opening position, we always welcome new talented people who are:

– Hardworking and passionate about the fields which we are working, marketing beside the technical work, and thinking out of the box
– Familiar with working in a small business and private section
– Interested in progress in their careers and growing their income as business developer, not just as an employee
If you are such person, please write to us about your ideas, experiences and education via ; we consider it on a regular basis.

2. For Hydrotechnical and civil EITs or newcomer professionals who are looking for their registration as a P.Eng. with EGBC, we dedicate a two hour session per individual to share our experiences, tips, and know-how. This will help them to have an easier process in their preparedness for Professional practice exam, competencies report, and registration. This is not a for profit activity, but a voluntarily giving back to the engineering community. Feel free to reach out to if you are interested in.