Erosion& Sediment Control (ESC)

The main intention of the ESC is to meet the Canadian Environmental Legislations which try to keep our environment safe and clean for the public and wildlife. There are several federal, provincial and local regulations, bylaws, and Acts in this area, and we are fully aware of them at ITMBC. Allowing a prohibited substance (included any sediment) to enter the City drainage system is a significant environmental concern, and any violation is a serious offence.

At the ITMBC, we prepare the ESC plan as per the latest government guidelines; we have trained and Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL by ESCA BC) in house to make sure that all delivered services are standard and updated. ESC plan that we deliver includes the following parts:

. Site visit and local investigation, as any municipality has its own by-law.

. A design package including the methodology, stakeholders’ responsibilities and duties, site plan drawing

and details.

. Erosion limiting measures.

. Our duty in the development process pre, during, and post construction activities.

. Guidelines for record keeping at the site and in the office.

. Monitoring program of stormwater quality and site house keeping.

. Vehicles and equipment commute considerations.

. Day to day guide for operation at the site.

. Design and monitoring of the sedimentation system.

. Operation and maintenance of the ESC measures.

Click here to see our Catalogue : Stormwater Management & Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC)

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